Text “Conversación sobre la risa entre GrMe y ElPe”


Some people laugh about everything, others stay alone in their house and don't have anything to laugh about.

  1. What are we going to laugh about? / ¿de qué nos vamos a reir?
  2. I want to hear it. / lo quiere escuchar
  3. What are you saying? / ¿qué dice?
  4. Ugh, don’t you get tired from laughing so much? / uy! será que ustedes no se cansan de tanto reir
  5. You’re right. / tiene razón
  6. yaruwakontomo
    They like laughing. / se ríen con muchas ganas
  7. They laugh every day. / se rien cada dia
  8. That’s what they say (?) / !Según dicen.
  9. That’s right! / así
  10. What are we going to laugh about? There's nothing. / ¿de qué nos vamos a reir? no hay nada
  11. Oh, there’s nothing to laugh about. / uy! no hay como para reir