Text “Cuento de las ratas por AnFo”


A man goes up in the forest to sleep. There, mice are dancing, drinking chicha, and vomiting. He has to pee really bad. The mice are gone in the morning, and their vomit has disappeared. The man goes home.

  1. The mice. / ratón
  2. Sakunkai, Sakunkai. / "sakunkai, sakunkai"
  3. “Sakunkai”, they said, and then “Sakunkai”. / decían "sakunkai" y después "sakúnkai"
  4. Although this was the case, / aunque fue así
  5. Probably to the woods, who knows where they went. / pal monte será que se fueron, no se a donde se metieron
  6. The man went to his house. / se fue el hombre para su casa (porque ya amaneció)