Defining the category

  • monomorphemic vs bipartite (vs 'stacked')

Inflectional morphology

Postpositions take the same inflectional prefixes as nouns (Suffixes for possessed and non-possessed nouns), in addition to a third person prefix të-:

Person marking prefixes on postpositions

_C _V
3 t- të- / i-
NP y-

Derivational morphology

The postpositional phrase


  • particles can intervene

Locative Postpositions

  • clear bipartite Ground+Path
  • unproductive Bipartite X+Path?
  • other forms

Locative postpositions

all loc
inside yaka yawë
aquatic ? ?

to do: gather all postpositions, organize

  • further postpositions:
    • poye 'above'
    • po 'locative'
    • yatë 'locative'
    • yapo 'negation'?
  1. His knee, his leg went out towards Ayacucho. / su rodilla, su pierna, salió (llaga) hacia Ayacucho

Nonlocative oblique postpositions

  • panadat
  • keins
  • wanai


  • chicop’ combines with yawëloc’, sometimes spelled chi yawë, sometimes chawë.
  • postpositions on bare verbs? (e.g. wejtawë)
  • plural: kontomo