Historically, the function of subordinate clauses was covered by nominalizations and adverbializations. For instance, a meaning like 'after I slept, I ate' was expressed as 'after my sleeping', the verb being a noun syntactically, followed by a postposition.

  • status in matrix clause:

    • argument of the matrix clause
    • adverbial adjunct
    • relative clause
  • differences & similarities to simple verb clauses?

  • order of arguments re: the verb (and each other)
  • case marking patterns
  • indexation
  • clausal particles
  • +mapping between matrix and subordinate

Relative clauses

  • inanimate relativizer marë
  • also marë ‘still’
  • occurrence with nominalizations?
  • correlation with clause-initial mërë?
  1. What they call the food of the criollos. / lo que llaman la comida de los criollos
  1. What you are talking about. / ese que tu estás diciendo
  1. Here you can see the village where they lived, what the Criollos call Cerro Muñeca. / ahí se ve el sitio donde vivian, donde los criollos llama Cerro Muñeca